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Spiritual Voice Healing Therapy

The only way to grow in Life is by discovering hidden potentials of your Soul and connecting them to all aspects of existence.

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Voice Healing

Each individual has his own particular combination of Universal Life Energy that is carried out by generations, past life experiences and energy potential of each chakra. All that empower us to take control of our lives, health and well-being in a more spiritual and holistic way.

Traditionally, healing involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient that allows strengthening the recipient body’s immune system and his Soul. At the same time, Era of Aquarius has created the new flow of energies that enables people to achieve the desired results faster and more efficiently with a gentle touch of delight. All that has helped me to combine the energies of my kindship, chakras, and energies of Aquarius Era to create an exclusive and personalised healing programmes through a precious gift of my voice. That is why each client has the opportunity to raise his vibrations, improve intuition and imagination.

About Sofia

I am an International Spiritual Therapist living in the United Kingdom who loves to support others in achieving harmony and balance through gaining access to the stable centre ‘I’ and serving humanity for the High purposes. The year 2021 signals the start of the Era of Aquarius which is bringing about changes in many aspects of our lives; more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of mental health, the power of the Universe and spirituality, thereby influencing all aspects of one's life – mental, emotional, and spiritual. This affects how people express their Love towards themselves, loved ones and humanity in general. In my work I use proven methods that combine traditional medicine, psychology, and spiritual knowledge, all perfectly working around the new flow of energies in the Era of Aquarius.

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I bring out from each person their Highest purpose through accessing their Soul and travelling to the Spiritual World to understand their emotions, fears, concerns, feelings and mental barriers that hold back from living a meaningful life. At the end of each meditation I help a client to utilise all disruptive energies and mental blocks in a safe way. As a result of my work, each person changes themselves for the better. This leads to a new type of society for humankind, where kindness, love and openness prevail.

All my work is performed remotely.

What My Spiritual Voice Healing Programme Includes

Pain does not exist because it is a result of misguided thinking. Each individual deserves happy life that is filled up with Love and positive experiences. All he needs is to find the right person who will open doors for his Soul's true desires.

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Sofia’s sessions are creative, compassionate and insightful. I find the guided visualisations particularly powerful and they have contributed to a greater sense of protection and inner peace. My ability to think positively, leave the past behind and be forgiving is also getting stronger.

I recommend Sofia’s guidance to anyone who wants to dive deeper into their self-understanding, experience profound relaxation and expand their potential.

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